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Chinese Online CasinosGambling caters to people from all across the world regardless of nationality or culture. In fact gambling has always been a part of every culture in one form or another. Each culture has a specific love and adherence to a specific kind of gambling game. For instance the Roman Empire has always loved the game of Backgammon. The English have had an affinity for Bingo and the French are passionate about Roulette.

Interestingly the Chinese have a very special kind of relationship with casino games. The Chinese have had a long association with gambling games that date back to the ancient domino gambling game of Pai-Gow. Gambling has had a deep history in China and has evolved over the years. Although the Chinese government is trying hard to prevent all kinds of gambling activities, there seems to be no way they can eradicate it because the Chinese just love to gamble. 

Internet gambling is monitored and restricted in China; hence the people there cannot participate in all online casino games as players from the rest of world. This is why traditional gambling games are so immensely popular all over the country. Experts claim that the revenue of the illegal gambling industry has crossed 2 billion dollars in 2003 alone.

Chinese gamblers shouldn’t despair, because things will look up soon. A change of policy is right around the corner with the ascension of High Officer Song Hai to the position of Head of Police. The former head of the Chinese Gambling Committee, Mr. Song Hai views gambling as a part of Chinese culture and says that gambling must not be seen as an offensive behavior. He states that gambling has been part of Chinese culture for a very long time and it would meaningless to fight it.

These views put forward by Mr. Song Hai may be a means to bring about a change in the government’s attitude towards gambling and encourage the promotion of pro-gambling laws. According to a recent Asian Casino Executive summit held in Singapore, Macau’s booming gaming industry has set the path for the rest of Asia. With an attractive location beside China, the city took on the gaming sector about 4 years ago. According to a recent survey Macau could outdo the sparkling Las Vegas Strip and become largest gambling market in the world in terms of revenue within the next few years.

In fact figures prove that the gaming houses at Macau have collected over 2 billion US dollar in just four months last year. Gaming Groups are thrilled with this sudden influx of money and predict the Macau gambling market will draw in more than 20 billion dollars. Gaming operators from across the globe are pumping investments into Macau.

The Speakers at the Asian Casinos Executive Summit have unanimously agreed that Asia has a definitive place in the gambling industry as the gambling market is no longer considered illegal. Besides Macau, Singapore has also opened bid for casino licenses in Sentosa.

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